Our Vision

To ensure sustainability by integrating ongoing teacher support as a core element in our approach and create a systematic kindergarten English curriculum that is fun, engaging and effective.

Our Mission

Empower young children to discover the joy in English learning and build them up as capable, confident, and motivated learners.

Our curriculum will put a SMILE on children’s faces:

S     Systematic  An organized curriculum that supports effective spiral learning.

M    Multi-sensory  A variety of songs, games, and props are used to make learning fun.

I      Integrated  Different components tie in together coherently to reinforce learning.

L     Love for reading  The story-based curriculum nurtures children’s love for reading.

E     Engaging  Class activities are interactive and encourage all children to participate.

Our Logo

The 才 in the center comes from our company’s Chinese name 欣 才 施 教 , which represents the unique talent that each child brings to the world. It is also in the form of a person, aspiring to reach for the star.

We modified the Chinese idiom 因材施教 and transformed it into 欣才施教 to show how much we appreciate children’s natural capabilities, and we hope our English curriculum can bring them closer to releasing their full potential.